Patwardhan Consultants Pvt Ltd.
ISO 9001-2015 Certified

Valuation of immovable properties.

  • Valuation for Bank Loans and mortage.
  • Valuation for Visa Purpose.
  • Valuation for Merges and Acquisition
  • Valuation for Taxation(Capital Gain,Wealth Tax).
  • Valuation for Fixation of Rent.
  • Valuation for Court Cases.
  • Land Valuation.

Valuation of plant and Machinery

  • Valuation for Bank Loans and mortage.
  • Valuation for Merges and Acquisition.
  • Valuation for Auction.

Feasibilty of Construction Projects

  • Feasibility & FSI Calculations for future development of land.
  • Reconstruction Feasibility.
Valuation's for industrial merges.
Valuation of automobile and vehicles
Title and Legal Check
Verification of property,documents and addresses

Project Feasibilty and Analyzing

  • Feasibility Cost Study
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Financial Feasibilty Study
  • Feasibilty Study - Disaster Management
  • Land Feasibilty
  • Construction and Gross Potential Study
  • Land Feasibilty
  • Net profit analysis

Organising Various Agencies

  • Licensed Architects.
  • Licensed Structural / Civil Engineer
  • Government Registered Valuer
  • Serveyors
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Automobile Engineers
Estimation and Quality Serveying
Quality Control
Execution and Supervising
Cost Time Scheduling of Project

Architectural Consultancy

  • Architectural Layout & planning of Housing,Educational,Commercial,Industria.etc Projects.
  • Arrange to take necessary approvals from Municiple,& Govt. Authorities.
  • Working drawings & Tendering.
  • Arrangement and appointments for various service experts and contractors.
  • Drafting and Execution of Agreements between the Clients and Contractors.
  • Site Visits during progress of work and consultation to clients and contractors at various stages of work in progress.
  • Co-ordination of various agencies during work of progress.
  • Checking the bills of contractors and Certify them for payments.
  • To arrange and tendering of various types of Contractors offering.
  • After Completion of projects,to obtain completion certificates from Municipal/Govt.Authorities.

Structural design and analysis.

  • Structural design of Buildings,factory sheds etc.
  • During Progress of work checking of work and consultancy for any modifications in design,if needed.
  • Certification of reinforcement before casting.
  • Structural Audit and Stability Report.
  • Building repair Consultancy (we give repair consultancy for more than 300 Buildings in Mumbai)
  • Feasibility of land for future development.